Prolozone and PRP is a combination treatment that can restore joints and eliminate the need for surgery. How does it work? Prolozone is a combination of nutrients that assist in healing joints and relieving pain. The injection is comprised of B Vitamins, Dextrose, Procaine, and homeopathics. Ozone is then administered to enhance oxygen perfusion and cytokine production. Finally, PRP is added to stimulate growth factors and regenerate healthy tissue. All of this is often done with one injection. There is little to no pain with the treatment and relief of pain is often experienced during the office visit.

Ozone Therapy Durango is also adding Stem Cell injections to its list of treatments.  We use umbilical cord Stem Cells for the greatest effectivness in restoring cartilage and repairing damaged tissues.  Stem Cells can be added to the Prolozone/PRP injection.